my biggest lie

I had my period last month

live with the body

which I seem to torture

my relationships with others

my voice

not physical


choose to fill my head 

speak to me in my dreams

everything is based on you


He brags about my minimal student loan debt


I gain confidence in learning what you did not teach me

Do you or I try to figure out what we became


I broke up with him the night he gave me a lesson on how to brush my teeth


I was the cheatee


I was in love with my professor anyway

At Carl’s.. Lilian fell on a walk… pooped herself


I can tell it is going to be one of those days where all I can think about is him.. And how lucky I am to have him in my life


Kev, a paying customer of the Whole Foods $8.99 Salad Bar, tried to pick me up, “Quite picky with your broccoli. So what are you up to?”

I’m on the clock.


I think she prays to God to watch over us because she knows she didn’t


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