Lots of Bowls

Bit the bullet and bought the sauces needed to make a sauce: Spicy Thai Peanut sauce to top a rice bowl. I prefer brown rice, and this time around I topped with sautéed mushroom, roasted sweet potato, wilted kale, and raw yellow pepper, and of course THE SAUCE. JG has requested the rice bowls again … Continue reading Lots of Bowls


Take a Look at Yourself

Day three being a vegan. I made 10 collard green falafel wraps with a cilantro pâté. A lot of sunflower seeds used. But good enough I was craving one when I got home from work today. I went on a 45 min. power walk with 15 min. stretches afterwards. A photographer was there shooting two young … Continue reading Take a Look at Yourself

Going Vegan.. And Mom Already Called to Ask Why

So it's Day One of veganism. Nuts n grapes so far and it's nearing noon. Walking laps around Sexton Mountain Park. Overcast heat. A small airplane flies by. JG coaches. I bought a spaghetti squash. We cooked it 40min., perfect time for a sunset drink on the rooftop, met our new neighbors. I grabbed a fork … Continue reading Going Vegan.. And Mom Already Called to Ask Why