Web Art

I remember getting off work early from the bar. I was a sophomore in college and it was Thursday night. Everyone was pre-gaming, especially at my apartment. I grabbed a beer from the fridge and told them I'd be out in a bit to join them. I went down the hall into my room, kicked … Continue reading Web Art


Solo Nite Out 

It is a weekend plus some without the boyfriend. His brother’s bachelor party calls him to Vegas. Hard working men in need of that Vegas atmosphere I am sure. As for me, I went out tonight on a Thursday night for the first time by myself in I don’t know how long. Something I enjoy … Continue reading Solo Nite Out 

I Think I’m Creative

I have yet to thank the guy who told me about Deepak Chopra. I am 6 songs in on his latest album, “Home”. If you are not familiar with Deepak Chopra, he is an author, public speaker, and an advocate for alternative medicine. I have been listening to him for over 5 years now, after … Continue reading I Think I’m Creative

A Booger That Was Not Picked

I had an interview today. However, I just got a call from the company and they, "decided to pass." Am I upset? Yes. Was it my dream job? No. So, I ask myself, why am I so upset? My best answer: I am confused as to what my dream job is. I don't know what, … Continue reading A Booger That Was Not Picked