More About Veganism

Still vegan strong. Except a small amount of feta cheese in a spinach salad and another time in a gyro I ordered while out. I suppose I have found my guilty pleasure. I have also found a strong ache in my back shoulder. A knot, JG would call it. I just want to know what is causing it. My guesses: A symptom of being on my feet for seven hours a day and/or a symptom of my vegan diet/lack of protein.

What else is new.

I put myself out there in an email to my boss. Trying to get more responsibility. She said we’ll talk tomorrow. Fingers crossed y’all.



    1. @thisgayvegan thank you for the advice! I just made some roasted garlic hummus last night. I love chickpeas. I eat a few out of the can before blending 🙂 however, the taste wasn’t there. More salt maybe. Anyway, excited to check out your page. Thanks again!

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