Wondering Where It Started

The quest for parental guidance is still a mystery.

I moved out West last summer with my boyfriend. We packed up his car with the few belongings we kept and hit the road. I found a job within two weeks of being out here. It seemed like the longest, most exhausting, and torturous two weeks of my life but, I got the job, have been with the company for eight months now, and even got myself a promotion.

I am proud of myself. My boyfriend seems to be proud of me. Are my parents proud of me? I am not sure. It was a week or two before I left that they told me how they hated the idea of me moving so far away. They nearly begged for me to move to a closer, MidWest, ‘big’ city and tried their best at a short story expressing their misfortune when they moved together. An ear-load of negativity, essentially, and their youngest child (me) in tears, for my dreams, goals and future would not be taken seriously.

However, I thought me finding a job I like and am thriving at, not being pregnant at 24, nor obese, still in a healthy relationship, and, not to mention enjoying a life I love, would skew my parents’ opinion towards my life and how I am living it.

They still show little support.

The quest I mentioned, is my hope to discover if it is me or them having the psychological issues. Some of the questions I have been asking myself are: why is there such little support, why aren’t my parents in favor of my choices, are my choices good enough? With this, I chose a path of self-help, which led me to the syllabus from one of my last college courses, The Sociology of Self-Improvement, as a guide. I began reading and rereading some of the texts from the course: 7 Habits of Highly Effective PeopleDrive, and The Road Less Traveled.

These books hold a truth:

In living this life of mine, I am creating my own values, and that is what life is truly about.


More to come on this seemingly lifelong quest.



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