Same Damn Thing

Maybe we raised ourselves.

Maybe we still are.

A quick smirk my way from the small guy indulging in his gelato his mom paid for.

Here she comes trailing behind with a few other women.

The little guy rushes over with his iPhone,

“Mom, look what I took a picture of! A guy on his hoover board!”

An elderly man goes by, I look up and give him a smirk.

I realize I am just like the small guy.

My iPhone lights up. It doesn’t make noise, doesn’t vibrate, it is on silent for the most part.

‘Ma’ is calling.

Why are people trying to contact me?

It’s so annoying.

Ohpp, too late, missed it.

I go on with my studies, soon realizing I should call her back.

I brighten my screen to read I have a voicemail from ‘Ma’.

I listen. And realize there isn’t a need to call her back.

This is a relief.


Power: the ability to do something.


How do you truly feel? What do you truly see?

In yourself.. in your life.. your future.

What do you DESIRE?

Is the mind able to separate from the soul

or perhaps the soul from the mind?

Is it true you get the situation you prepare for?

Is it true every perfect gift is already yours, awaiting your recognition?

It is true that it is easier to choose the life of a bum, or a drunk perhaps?

To drink everyday and not have to think.

The alcohol doing it for you.

It is easier to eat the packaged food. Already made for you. Just heat it up.

Caffeine to wake you up and get you started for your tough day.

How does your day compare to the day of the others?

Smoke to settle you down when the night falls.


Once you start, you can’t stop.  You’ve said it yourself.

Habits? Brainwashed? Tamed? Corrupted?

Are you able to find your own way of thinking?

Change the way you do one thing, and you’re in amazement.

“I can do that?.. I can do that!”

What is the way you used to do it before?

The past.


“Face a situation fearlessly, and there is no situation to face.”






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