The Two Week Thing

Some recent events for ya:

Deleted my Spanish keyboard on the ole iPhone.

It was a sad day. No one to really text in Spanish anymore. Have we all moved on.  

I work, I grab a beer after work, and still feel like I am at work, just a different kind of work. The work I want to be doing. 


Trouble talking to people? Trouble approaching people you don’t know? 

Not a problem. I am one for questions. Just full of them. I don’t have an issue asking, or keeping the conversation going, but when you invite me for a beer, I don’t expect to be on the clock. 

Talking to close friends about politics ..


A rise in volume, a rise out of the people.

Some of which who usually have not much to say. 

It is important for my generation to be at least a little up to date on this politics topic. 

How “we” run our country. 

How “we” want the future to go. 

How “we” want a safe future for ourselves, families, and children. 

 I have gotten called selfish because I am not in favor of putting a kid, as much as I want one, on this earth because of how we treat Mother Nature, how we treat each other, how we treat creations that were here wayyyy before us. How we do not appreciate the things we should. We take for granted.
How about aware. 
Does history actually mean something to you?

Someone says the word ‘history’, you think of your eighth grade boring ass history book you probably never looked once in. 

What was in that book though? What did that teacher have a passion for? 


The happenings before our time. Before we were even thought of being created and put on this earth. 

Remarkable events that hold a much more powerful position than you as an individual do. 

Let us learn from our history.  

Our mistakes as an individual, our mistakes as a family, as a nation, let us learn. Not fret. Not worry.

In print or not, in your opinion or not, remember. 

Remember, getting over things is a way of survival.


One thought on “The Two Week Thing

  1. Every thing people do in life is selfish. Some acts are more selfish than others. Unless you think your child is going to be someone extraordinary, having that child is completely selfish. I’m pretty sure there are enough people in this world right now and like you mentioned, the natural resources aren’t as plentiful. Unfortunately, not ever giving birth to children is stigmatized especially for women.

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