Meatloaf Monday

Maybe he was make believe after all

Do those people exist?

The ones we think are too good for us

Too good to be true

To be real  

I sometimes wonder about the pictures

Some I try to forget about

The nights I try to forget about 

Memories are strange 

But so are feelings 

Tell me something I don’t know, right?
How about the truth. 

The truth is great. It makes people more authentic. More interesting. You build yourself on lies, you’re obviously bored of your own self. 

That sucks. 

The truth though, so blunt, meaningful, pure.. 
I’m behind on my rent! 

I got caught in the pouring down, windy, thundery, storm this afternoon. 

Newspaper stuffed into your shoes evaporates the water. Cross country tip #41  

Bras are overrated 

I suppose that’s an opinion..

Netflix is like crack? Or maybe red wine is.. I guess I wouldn’t know, I’ve never done crack. 



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