Cliff Side

She said good morning as her eyes adjusted to a scene they had never yet seen. His outdated laptop cradled in his hands, as he opened his bedroom door, sliding the doorstopper up against it with his foot. He glided on over to his desk to plug the computer back in its charger.

She had never seen the device move from its place on the desk in the whole year she had lived there.  Maybe she was asleep every time for his morning procedure.

Oh, good morning!  

Perky.  Disgustingly perky.

The sound of compressed air wheezed out of the chair as he sat down at his desktop. She knew he was pretending to be doing something important as he clicked away.

In the kitchen, she pulled a mug off the top shelf of the glassware cabinet.  Sea turtles were the lucky ones to be chosen as her drinking company this morning.  The hot, steamy darkness was the only cure to facing another day in the penthouse. His act already put him ahead early that day.  One for one, she thought, how weird could the day get.

Rita and I will do our walk today at around noon if you want to go with us.  I know you like to run it, which I don’t mind.  It’s pretty neat you can do it twice.

His gaze not leaving her anytime soon, she fumbled for a response.

The caffeine not quite reaching her mind yet, 

Yeah, I’ll have to see what I have going on today.

This was an everyday routine.

She thought he might take the hint.

Never did.

And at noon the three of them would be out the door, headed  for the cliff sides.





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