I was asked recently to write a piece on acceptance. When I say recently, I suppose I’m being easy on myself. They asked me quite some time ago. It took me until now to think of exactly what to touch on on a piece about acceptance.






Emotional status



Nothing too crazy, nothing out of the ordinary, nothing to write home about.


Then, I thought, why not write about the opposite of acceptance.

What do you not accept? What or who do you cut down? Maybe unconsciously, without thought. Or maybe with a lot of thought, it is deep down inside of you, you know you should get it out, make heard, but instead you take stabs at people and their opinions and create negative innuendos. A mess really.

Think about what you accept in your own mind and thoughts.

Think about what your parents, grandparents accept, and how that has affected you, your decisions, thoughts, desires.

What if you had nothing to accept?

Everything is acceptable!

Going naked

Going barefoot

Smoking pot

Drinking everyday

Choosing not to drink ever


Females with shaved heads

Males in speedos

Swimsuits without padding




Humans are funny. We act like we have everything figured out, when really none of us do. You have these opinions, so strong and full of emphasis, but is it really your opinion? Where did you get the idea and background of why you reason the way you do?

I’m not even sure I agree with the saying, “the sun will always rise in the morning”

If that’s even how it goes. I’m not going to go down the cliche route, “live your life how you want”, but I will say, let’s be us. Be true. Have fun. Learn. Be intelligent in your own way. Be bad with your own self. Turn to others when you need help, we  know we all need it. Let us learn from ourselves too. Let us find balance.




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