True Honest To the Point


So Starbucks has coffee tastings now.  Even better, they include a coffee pairing.  I haven’t stopped into Starbucks in months – schools out, I’ve been saving by brewing my own Folgers.  Not the best deal, seeing as though Walmart fails to carry any other bulk container of the stuff other than regular and decaf.  What about the dark roast lovers?  It gets you going. And that was exactly what this nice looking young gentleman Starbucks worker had to offer. 

This coffee is from two different regions, Mexico and South East Asia. The coffee beans we found are up high in the mountains, where it is cold at night time and hot during the day; the perfect amount for these coffee beans.

Great stuff.  I was sold on it. I believed his spiel.  His eyes would dart from the three of us standing around the high top table down to the brown sugar crumble cake sliced into four bite sized pieces in the center of the table.  He continued with the lesson,

So everyone take a smell from the cup in front of you.

We smelled a dark roast coffee, a hint of sweetness. 

Now, take a little sip from the cup.  You want to take only just a sip when you drink coffee, not to disrupt your nodes with a blast of coffee.

We took our small sip.  

Mmmmm, the older lady standing next to me and I both exclaimed. Her husband was simply taking it in, not as excited or as enthusiastic as us two ladies. 

And now, I would like to pair this dark roast Italian coffee blend, with it’s bold flavor, but a hint of caramel and sweetness with our coffee cake.  Go ahead and bite into your piece, and once again take a small sip from your coffee.

Let me tell you.  The combination set fireworks off in my mouth.  My taste buds were very aroused. It was amazing. Just what I had needed.


I have been trying to really clean up my diet; eating lighter and leaner. And just being a little more aware of what I eat throughout my day.  But today I woke up needing a rush, hence how I convinced myself to walk up to the Starbucks for their dark roast, only to find my diet getting spoiled with a coffee tasting and pairing. So, thank you Starbucks. Saving the day of midwestern, college girls, and people all around, one coffee at a time.  


So with this “diet”, I have tried to really limit my craft beer intake. 


Yep, turning to the real good stuff.  These are my first purchased PBRs.  Tall boys too.  They weren’t so bad.  Not as great as my beloved IPA’s, but my taste buds will have to get over that. 


Summer vacations?  Getaways?  Lakes?  Oceans?


 I recently visited the parents at their lake condo on Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri.  It was a decent time.  The evening boat rides are my favorite part of being down there. It is a thrill not many get to experience.  Skylines of every different color over any kind of waterway will forever be my favorite view. From beautiful sunsets over the smelly, brown Mississippi to warm sunsets on the beaches of Hawaii, the Pacific reaching out farther than I could have ever imagined, the sky limitless, and even to sunsets on the banks of southern Spain, The Guadalquivir River, separating two ancient parts of the city of Seville, and on the cliffs of “The End of the World”, Lagos, Portugal.  But the sunsets on the lake, surrounded with family;






My bro insisted we stop for fireworks on the way home.  I allowed it only because The Fourth is coming up. I posted up outside to make a phone call, leaning up against the bright red building with “FIREWORKS HERE” printed across it, screaming at you to come check out the selection. My brother came out of the door, the owner trailing right behind him.

Sis, pop the trunk, will ya?

Both men had an arm around a big, brown paper bag, loaded with explosives.  Great.  I let them load the trunk and ran inside to use the restroom.  I had a great last impression of Missouri and all its’ beauty..

Have a good one.


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