Weird and How Weird


  Do I think it is weird I lived with a sixty-five year old couple or how weird is it that I lived with a sixty-five year old couple?  I think it was weird, and it was very weird.  Well, it wasn’t all that weird in the beginning.. when they left me with their place for six months.  When they came back is when it got weird.  Really weird.  Expensive, classy, beach dinners, cocktail hour before, night cap after, and sometimes wine when we got back to the condo.  A lot of conversation.  A lot of miscommunication. Misunderstandings.  Assumptions.  Almost to the point of embarrassment.  Well, definitely some embarrassing moments in those six months they were back.  

People say I overreacted, moving out and off the island.  I say, “You weren’t there”, when this woman, emotionally unstable let’s say, confessed her deepest secrets, cried to me while doing so, kicked me out and told me to lie to everyone about it.  

Not my style lady.  So I do what I do best and dipped.  

I will be coming up on my year anniversary being off island. Is it depressing?  A little bit, a little bit.  I have come to an understanding that was my time, my experiences, life events no one can take away from me.  Events and lessons that will hold their place in my mind, eventually coming back every now and then.  These are the positives I see out of the whole situation.  A situation that turned quickly to a negative, but could have been worse.   It always could be worse. 


So recent events happening where I am now:

The Finals.  Can we just take a moment of silence to praise Steph (and Riley) Curry?

I love the NBA finals.  It’s the anticipation. Are they going to beat them at home? Will they draw it out til game seven? Will they keep bringing their kids to the press conferences?

Nah, I don’t know statistics.  Nah, I can’t list five players off the Cavs, but it’s basketball people.  There is a lot of money in professional sports, another interesting aspect to me. Rigged?

A new job.  Finally getting my foot out industry life and into research life. Finally.  Not the most interesting research, and not my research, but still research.  Interviews, surveying, data, results, answers.  Love it.  

Server life is so hit or miss.  So much unnecessary work, at the place I work anyway. Management have their mood swings, affecting everyone else’s mood. It’s sweaty, and fake, and leads to a lot of drinking..with all the money you just made.  If you find yourself with a great crew, one you can laugh and joke with, that makes a shift just a little better.  You all hate on the place together.  Then you have those servers who are straight up complainers, who have nothing going for them other than the serving job, so they complain about every single thing their whole entire shift.  No one wants to listen to that.  In and out people.  Quick money.  Is it worth it though? I ask myself every damn shift.


Speaking of in and out, have you ever gone up to self check out, with the intention of beating the line and slow cashiers, only to have the self check out not work whatsoever in your favor?  The machine starts telling you to take your item out of the plastic bag, put it back in.  The green light starts flashing red, the machine says to wait for assistance.  This is when I take my items to check out with a cashier, which I did not want in the first place, all the while the machine is still yelling at me to take my items out of the bag and I need to wait for assistance.  Get real.  Technology… 



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