You You You

We talk about moving here. Maybe after we graduate maybe drop out and never return.
We all say it. Who knows who means it.

High on the change of scenery.

A new life.

New lessons to be learned.

New food to be nourished with.

And a whole new language to speak. With others. With our interactions.

Learning. About each other. About a different part of the world.

Something new. A lot of things new.

To the eyes. To the ears. To your feet. To your nose. Your hands. Your feet.

Whatever you can take away.

From this experience.

From others.
How about this quote YOLO,
You only live once.

Yes, we are not cats.

We are here to live a life to the fullest. Doing whatever it is you do to satisfy you.
I feel like I write a lot about being happy and living your own life. But maybe there aren’t enough people writing about it in the first place. The reports we see on the news, for example, usually the majority of them are negative aimed stories.
I think we should be aware of the bad things going on, but more importantly the good. Take an abstract look at the world, we’re all on the same boat. I think..
Who knows where this is going.
Where we are going.
This may be young and naive, on the contrary, it could be deep and meaningful. Which is how I hope you take it.
Don’t be so serious. Love, if you can find what that is, find it in yourself, in your family, the ones who gave you this life, who you gave and give life to.

(I give you permission to enjoy a cerveza every now and then…)














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