Columbus Who?


I am reaching my month anniversary here in Spain.  The weather has been changing slightly since I first touched down. It was hot hot hot and sunny all day, but now overcast, chilly and rain somedays. I was expecting this though.  After living in Hawaii for a little over a year, and being from Iowa, I needed my color changes, cool breezes, and boots and sweater weather.

We did get some quality beach time though. Our first week here, I won a trip to Lagos, Portugal.  We booked it for that upcoming weekend.  A big group of us.  We popped champagne on the three hour bus ride, had some sing alongs, and to the beach we went.

The next weekend we took a day trip to Cadiz, Spain.  This is the oldest city in Spain and is where Columbus and his three ships set sail in search of “The Indies” but landed and discovered The Caribbean. It is widely celebrated here, activities in the park and hot air balloon rides.  But I hear in some parts of the U.S. they are thinking about changing the holiday’s name to something else besides Columbus Day.  Reason being because of the naughty, dirty acts him and his crew did to the natives, their land, and possessions when they arrived.

For class, we went to the Archives of Christopher Columbus.  The walls were hung of portraits of him and his maps and models of his ships.  Pretty neat stuff. I like how I get chills at museums and old history markings or even a good history story.  I told my geography teacher that for this past summer I couldn’t imagine what Spain was like or that it was even a real place until I physically got there.  I couldn’t imagine it a real place and stepping foot on it’s grounds, until I landed, only then did I know and feel it to be real.  Before then, it was just a place on a map or a picture that popped up when I Google searched it. Now, I am a living, breathing, speaking part of Spain.

I felt this same way about Hawaii when I moved there.  Every single day when I woke up I felt that I was in a dream.  I thought there was no way this could be my real life.  It was heading in all different directions than I had ever imagined, I was doing events I never thought I would get to do, seeing sights unimaginable to my brain, meeting people I thought only existed in my dreams or on TV.  I would have to ask my friends if these events really happened. They would give me a funny stare.  Now I have to look back on pictures to remember that they really did happen and this really is my life.  Happening right in front of me.

Someone once told me they wanted to “go out and live life”.

I couldn’t really respond to this right away.  I thought about it for awhile then changed the subject.  (It was in a text conversation)  I didn’t want to come off as rude with whatever reply I was thinking about sending, and we weren’t on the level to have a philosophical talk yet.  But think about how much sense that phrase makes..

I will most likely ponder this more and have my next post be written only on that topic.

maybe after I go out and live some more life..













One thought on “Columbus Who?

  1. Is this real life! Glad you are taking advantage of your days off and exploring during every minute of it! These next 2 and a half months are going to fly by. So much to do, so much to look forward to, even more changes. Can’t wait to read more of your philosophy thoughts and life.

    Love you forever and always

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