Figuring it out for myself

“It’s gonna be like Jerry McGuire, ““Who’s comin’ with me?!””

I am so ready to dip off this island.  I am ready to explore new lands, faces, and culture.  Hawaii can’t be the best of the best.  Especially like I thought it was going to be.  It is great, it is, but for me at this moment, I am ready to take off into the unknown.  I moved here not knowing a soul and here I go again, but to another country this time. Figuring it out for myself is one of the best ways I spend my time.

I rarely asked for help growing up.  I always wanted to figure it out for myself without anyone’s assistance.
I can do this, I would always, and still do, tel myself.
I created this change I am about to take on.
I told select few about it. The ones that I felt should know.
Bottom line, I am doing what I want to do in life.

The day is here.

My room and closet are wiped bare.
It will be like I was never here.



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