Write Talk Talk Write

I thought my dad was being crazy when he use to tell me, with my face down in my cell phone, that my generation isn’t going to know how to talk with others.
He couldn’t be more right.
I find that I can type an email perfectly, getting the wording how I want it, looking up new words just one click away that sound all the better.
I send the email, it is gone.
There it is; my opinion, my response, my plan out in the open for whatever eyes happen to click on it.

I recently sent a life changing email. I typed draft after draft for a good two and a half months. It was that important. It was that tough to say.

And so when twenty minutes passed after I sent it, the person I sent this important email to popped up on my cellphone screen, calling me. I was hesitant to answer.

I imagined how the conversation would go, or rather, what I wanted to sarcastically say so bad:

Hi, how are you? ..Oh yes of course I would love to take this time to talk out loud with you about what I just spent hours upon hours perfecting in writing.

I pushed the ‘volume down’ key to silence the ringer.

A text message notification pops up on the screen.






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