My First Post is About Spam

Bacon Spam Musubi & Cucumber Spam Musubi

My friend who split them and this experience with me is from out east. We share the same name. I told her I don’t usually eat spam, but recently a two weeks left, f*ck it mode has taken over me. So, I couldn’t pass up a spam date.

Her and I compared our childhood meals. She told me her mother would make macaroni and cheese, adding cut up pieces of spam into it.
My mother made me the same meal, no spam, sub pieces of hot dog.
What a dish.
I reflect on my diet from growing up quite a bit.  Then the thought of growing up comes to mind. And I think, I get to choose the foods and liquids I nourish my body with.
I get to go find new foods and ingredients, talk cooking with friends, family, and bloggers, and find new places to dine.
..and catch up on all the meals I had to waste on boxed macaroni, powdered cheese, and mushed together xy and z of the pig.



2 thoughts on “My First Post is About Spam

    1. Yes, huge in Hawaii. It is on the menu at McDonalds! They have it in the grab and go case at Walgreens and any gas station. I guess it is from when the war was going on there.. the soldiers only received shipments of spam and it stuck.. now all the island people love it

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